Global seismic snapshot via Seisintel

Despite the downturn, there are still seismic surveys ongoing in all corners of the globe. The snapshot below taken directly from the Seisintel database shows all the active seismic vessels as of yesterday (3rd Feb). As is usual for this time of year it’s still quiet in the North due to the winter season but we expect the annual vessel migration to begin in earnest around April.

It’s interesting to note a large percentage of the fleet are acquiring multi-client surveys which is a direct result of the difficult proprietary market at the moment.

Feature survey of the month

Digging a bit deeper into the Seisintel database shows some tricky acquisition on the Patriakos West 3D Seismic Survey which is being acquired by the Polar Empress for Hellenic Petroleum. A multi azimuth with obstacles all around would be keeping the crew busy for sure!

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