Seisintel announces new ‘Regional Reports’ product

Seisintel is pleased to announce the release of a new product, ‘Seisintel Regional Reports’.

The Seisintel Regional Reports provide detailed accounts of all seismic surveys that have been acquired in any given year, on a regional basis. Updates for the current years are made on a weekly basis as surveys progress throughout the year.

The regional reports will provide a significant benefit to our clients and governments monitoring regional seismic activity with detailed accounts of each survey.

The regional reports are available in two formats; ‘Basic Seisintel Regional Reports’ is offered as an extension for Web Portal Users and Enterprise Users will have complimentary access to more ‘Comprehensive Seisintel Regional Reports’.

The Seisintel Regional Reports are also available as a standalone product to companies and governments that do not currently subscribe to Seisintel.

Further Details

Seisintel Regional Reports are available now. For more information or to arrange a Seisintel demonstration, please contact us directly: