Web Portal & News Panel

  • Access via the web portal allows you to track all seismic vessels directly from your desktop and view up-to-date vessel information.
  • Easily search for any vessel worldwide and keep up to date with survey information including weather integration via Windy.
  • Interactively playback single and multi-vessel operations.
  • Access to the Seisintel News Panel allows you to quickly view, in real-time, the latest global seismic news. Located within the Seisintel Portal and available via Geo RSS; the news panel includes a clickable link to each survey of interest.

Daily & Historic PDF Reports

View and download historic and daily reports.

Features of the report include:

  • Last 3 days of production map
  • Traffic movements and density around the area
  • Visual map representing the speed of the survey vessel(s)
  • Progress from start to finish
  • Turn radius encountered on each turn throughout the survey
  • Quality reports for AIS data
  • Overview map
  • Speed graphs and statistics
  • Graph of turn radii
  • Course over ground graph
  • Crab Angle graphs
  • AIS quality overview graphs
  • Tide height graphs
  • Daily ocean current maps

Survey Replay

  • Survey path analysis and replay capabilities.
  • Interactively analyse vessel tracks and performance.
  • Replay single and multi-vessel surveys, analyse time sharing compliance and export seismic interference source locations.

Ocean Currents

  • Daily HYCOM regional current modelling maps in our PDF survey reports.
  • Forecast and historic Ocean Current replays.
  • Regional current modelling complements our existing comprehensive tide and tidal current modelling package.

Planning Reports

  • A range of background layers to choose from to aid operations planning.
  • Admiralty charts, daily Arctic sea ice extent, shipping density and more.

GIS integration

  • Seamless integration with GIS apps via WFS or ArcGIS Online.
  • Reports, videos, live and historic seismic layers in your corporate webmaps via ArcGIS Portal.